Beekeeping Art

“Ars longa - vita brevis.”

Old Latin Proverb

Dear Visitor,

Art as a way of life.

Beekeeping itself is more art than a trade.

Beekeeping art, art that shows bees, bee hives and beekeepers, is recent niche in the art world. 

Our artist Vuka works with akryl paints. Some of her work in this field is shown here.

If you would like to order akryl painting on canvas with your beekeeping experience - please contact us.

God bless,

MV POWER Apiaries Team

"Life is short,

and art long,

opportunity fleeting,

experimentations perilous,

and judgment difficult."

English translation of the Latin proverb - just in time as the advice for this young queen below.

"Success comes from openness and treating people well."
Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919)