“Bees, the “honey-flies”, are the only flies who go to heaven, all the other flies go to hell.”

Ad-AmiriKam al nil-Din ad-Amiri, Arabic writer, 1371 AD

Dear Visitor,

Beekeeping is passion that endures since the dawn of mankind. 

We have started our venture, this "art of beekeeping", in 1979, back in Europe, home country of Serbia, former Yugoslavia. 

MV POWER LLC Apiaries were established in Erie, PA in the year 2012.

In respect to our beekeeping guru, Dr. Clayton Leon Farrar (1904-1970), our Italian and Corniolian bees are kept in Farrars' hives, 6-5/8" high, 8-frame supers. In Serbia nad Eastern Europe this hive is often called "2/3rd Farrar hive" (8 is 2/3rd of Farrar's original 12 frame hive). It is our belief that 8-frame Farrar's hive is the most superior system for keeping bees and honey production in continental climate environment. Smaller volume of 8-frame equipment enables rapid colony development in the spring and these suppers are lighter to handle and manipulate.

We have five bee yards in Crawford and Erie counties in NW Pennsylvania. 

Here is the short video of one of our yards: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dajbX8auseI

W E L C O  M  E !

MV POWER Apiaries Team

"Success comes from openness and treating people well."
Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919)