“Apitourism – tourists that visit other bee yards – has a good future, especially as more novices join the ranks and the beekeeping conferences continue to draw crowds. American beekeepers have always been travelers, and this aspect of the industry acknowledges the insatiable curiosity beekeepers have when visiting other colonies.”

Tammy Horn – “Bees in America”

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to ErieBeeKeeping.com!

It is our pleasure to welcome fellow beekeepers into our bee yards.

Individual and group tours available. We can do presentations, hive inspections, demonstrate work in the apiary, perform honey extractions with 20-frame radial centrifuge.

Please enjoy a visit to our beeyards with lovely Farrar hives. Contact us further at your convenience.

God bless,

MV POWER Apiaries Team

NOTE for Apiary Visitors/Apitourists: If you are alergic to bee stings - please DO NOT visit our beeyards. We are not liable for bee stings.

"Success comes from openness and treating people well."
Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919)